About Paresh Kalinani

I am Paresh Kalinani, the creator of this web page. I am pursuing computer engineering from Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology and currently in my third year of this degree. I believe I'm a born multipotentialite. I love electronic music and I'm also learning how to produce the same, mainly aiming on the dubstep genre of electronic dance music. I have a fair interest in programming and coding too.

Some of my achievements in life include :
  • Made the One-Click EFS tool for OnePlus One smartphone which got featured in International Business Times, UK.Click here to see
  • Created an unofficial android app for a TV Show which hit the Play Store with 50,000+ downloads.Click here to see
  • Created a PowerPoint Presentation for a chapter in Maharashtra State Board’s ICT Subject of S.S.C level. Click here to see
  • Created a website for First Year Engineering students with all helpful things for new comers. Click here to see
  • Won the Bigg Boss Ultimate Fan All Over India Contest. Click here to see the leaderboard
  • Posted an Android tutorial on XDA on how to install batch APK files without prompt. Click here to see
  • Senior Member at XDA- Developers.com
I have some basic knowledge about music production in Ableton Live and FL Studio DAWs, video editing in NCH Software’s VideoPad Video Editor & Cyberlink's PowerDirector & programming languages like C & C++.

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